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General FAQs


How do I join color guard?


or fill out this form for Fall 2024.

Who is a good candidate for color guard?

Color Guard uses flags, rifles, and sabres along with dance to create an artistic performance.  Any student with a background in dance is a perfect candidate to transition to guard where they will learn basic flag technique before progressing to other skills based on the students individual talents.  Some students become dance and flag experts without taking up rifle or sabre.   Students with a dream of being part of the World Guard are encouraged to start guard in Elementary or early Middle School but anyone interested should reach out for more information to

High School Fall Guard (Marching Band) FAQs


What should I bring to Band Camp?


- DOT BOOK - to write down our drill on the field

- PENCILS - so you can makes changes if needed and make sure to bring some extra too

- FANNY PACK - to keep dog book and pencils in or anything extra

- WATER - I suggest a gallon water bottle


- STRETCH TOWEL - we stretch on the turf and it gets hot!


- bug spray

- extra socks

- flip flops - nice to have for lunch and dinner breaks

- snacks that don’t melt

- spray deodorant (doesn’t melt)

- carabiner clip - easy to clip things on your bag

- hat/viser

- rain gear - check the weather accordingly

- chapstick

Do competitions run on time?

They are typically very close to the scheduled time.

Is there an admission fee to watch competitions?

Yes, each competition has an audience admission fee that varies by the host school.

What does Fall Guard cost and how do I pay?

Dues can be paid at

What are the age ranges for the High School Fall Guard?

8th through 12th grade.

When and how can you join Fall Guard?

Start by sending an inquiry to to find out when the next new member clinic is which is typically in early summer.

How often does Fall Guard practice?

Typically Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 6pm-9pm in season with a Friday football game and Saturday competition.

What is the Fall Guard Uniform and how do I get it, what does it cost?

It is covered as part of the fees.  Fall guard fees are part of the Marching Band fees.

Is the Fall Guard part of the Marching Band?

Yes, the color guard is a division of the Miamisburg High School Marching Band.  More information on the band can be found at

When is the Miamisburg Invitational?

Each October Miamisburg hosts an invitational for bands from around the region and volunteers are always needed.  For more info go to

Does the color guard join the band at Disney World?

Yes, every three years the Marching Band goes on a Disney trip.  Each member of the band, including the color guard, has the opportunity to go on this trip.  Payment plans are set up starting in August for the end of school year trip. The next trips are tentatively schedule for 2026, 2029, 2031.  For more information please reach out to Band Director, Steve Aylward.

Elementary and Middle School Fall Guard FAQs


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Sweethearts (Elementary Winter Guard) FAQs


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A Guard (Middle School Winter Guard) FAQs


What ages are in A Guard?

A Guard is typically made up of late elementary to early high school students.  Because A Guard competes in the Scholastic AA division against other high schools it can include any age.  For Miamisburg students it bridges the gap between Sweethearts and World Guard.  Students wishing to start color guard during 6th to 8th grade who have no prior color guard experience would typically start in A Guard.

World Guard (High School Winter Guard) FAQs


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